Fae Feedback

Maggie Sand-SerpentyneThank you very much Janice and Audie for everything, we had a wonderful time, meeting up with old friends, meeting new ones, and everyone had such a great enthusiasm and positive energy! We’d also like to thank all those who bought our Serpentyne album, and those who sang and danced along with us! Special thanks to Jo Freyja for dancing with us indoors and for inviting us to collaborate with her outdoors fantastic fire performance!!!

Esther Remmington Artist - We had a fabulous time! Thanks for having us along, it was great fun!

Martin Winckles - Thanks mate for a fantastic show, cant belive it was the first one was briliant!

Helene Foxglovefae Shipman - Had a fantastic time at it the ball…Craft well really well, hotel lovely, Company AMAZING!! Ball fabulous, music fabulous, buffet…yummy & plently of it! Belly Dancing, fire dancing, impromtu outside acoustic medieval music…fariy grotto decorations………WONDERFUL, feel shatterd, but energised…Many thanks to the organisers & performers,


Iona Tasker – BUMP!!!!……..whats that sound? its us landing back in the muggle world after a fantastic weekend at the Pendle fairy ball, thank you to everyone who made it an amazing event :0D xxxxxxxxxxxx


Pete Eclectic  – ime still buzzing from the weekend lol xxx i cant wait for the next one lol xxx the best weekend ive had in years, stil buzzing from it lol and was lovely to be in the world i want to live in every day of my life x

FairyCyn FairyCroft – you did a fantastic job huni and we had sooo much fun!!! We will be down next year for sure spreading as much fairy dust as we can hehe!! xxxxxxx


Helen Pimlott – Oh WOW!! What an absoultely incredible event!! Utterley and completely the most fabulous fayre and ball that ever there was!! Thank you so much for making this happen… its was truly wonderful and I loved it!!! xxxx When is the next one??? I have to do it all over again!!!!! Xx  As predicated, I am on the ceiling and refuse to come down! What a magnificent feeling!!! Xxx

Tilli Faerieface Chappell - It was awesome! Me, Chappie and Pixie Chops have been giggling and enthusing about the whole event. Lovely energy, great humour and much fun! Thank you to everyone and especially to Audie Pendle Fae and Janice Fae! Muah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Daniel Sacco – It was an amazing first outing! You’ve set yourself a very high bar for futures events indeed..The memories like the glue on my forehead are destined to be with me for a very long time indeed

Paul Lamont –  it was a magicallies happies totally faeries world experiencies for me and missy. Audie and Janice …. the atmosphere … the pebbles and stallies were magically … and the minstels and juggleries (woz dere jugglies ? maybe me is still high on acorn juice hehehe) were faerie tasticklies too !! all I can say is ….. ovver Fae events watch out !!! well donesies to boff of yoo’s :-o) xx

Bindweed Saturnweb – Hi just coming round I needed to recharge my faery wings had a faetastical time can’t wait for the next wild women day xxxxxxxx

James Smiler Newton –  It was a blessing enjoyed every 2nd will be coming to the next one. Bless it be! X

Paul Warr – We absolutely totally enjoyed every moment of the fayre and ball and can’t wait to party with our fae family again!

Karen Smith – What a fantastic time. Thanks for the Happy memories made that day and evening. You did good chicks…….soooo Looking forward to the next one : ) xxx

Willow Merrymoon - I must say it was great how well-behaved the children were – they seemed to be having as good a time as everyone else :-))




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